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2009年7月份,我给一个老朋友(Simon FT-MBA,2010春季班)为申请MBA而写的Essay提了几点比较关键的修改建议。后来,她成功拿到Simon的Offer。再后来,她建议我做留学DIY咨询方面的工作,并向我介绍了我的第一个客户。最终,我的第一个客户也成功拿到几个TOP16商学院的面试并顺利拿到Duke Fuqua商学院MBA的录取。 本人毕业于上海复旦大学管理学院国际企业管理系,属于商科科班出身并且做过管理工作、有领导经验的人士。


留学参考:Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds (201702) (27-2)  

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留学参考:Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds (201702) (27-2)






Mr. Military Banker

  • 740 GMAT
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Undergraduate degree in economics from the U.S. Naval Academy
  • 4.0 GPA
  • Master’s degree in human resource management from a small private school in Dallas
  • Work experience includes a stint in active duty Special Forces as a logistics officer; recently came back from combat deployment in the Middle East and will be transitioning as a Navy Lieutenant; after an initial active duty tour, he worked for JP Morgan in global asset wealth management for three years and then voluntarily left to join the special Forces for a combat tour overseas
  • “I was released from my initial military commitment due to the Navy downsizing and as I was a pilot they raised military requirements for aviation. I was over the threshold of having one to many concussions from playing football at the naval academy. So I got out and went to work for JP. I did extremely well at JP, making far more money at JP but I honestly felt that I did not finish my commitment to the military as I got out after only a year and half. So I decided to finish what I felt as my civic duty in the military”
  • 30-year-old Pacific Islander American Male

Odds of Success:

Northwestern: 40% to 50%
Duke: 50%+
Georgetown: 50%+
Vanderbilt: 50%+

Sandy’s Analysis: Doing Naval Academy and service followed by three years of private wealth experience at JPM and then re-joining the military NEEDS TO BE EXPLAINED. Saying you wanted combat and Special Forces experience is fine at first blush but girly adcoms may be seeing this as an odd trajectory. You are supposed to get the military experience out of the way and closed the first time.

As a Pacific Islander, I believe you quality as a minority candidate for U.S. government counting, so that is a plus, as is the 740 GMAT. They will wink at your low-ish Naval Academy GPA because of the 740 GMAT. Plus, it was long ago, and your 4.0 GPA in masters program helps to offset it.

Your combat tour and Special Forces experience is also a plus as part of a military resume, as we often note here. “Private wealth management’ at JPM is kind of a silver gig at a gold-plated bank because that gig is not thought to be as competitive as investment banking. Nonetheless, you were able to dress up, go to work on regular basis, eat crap and give it back in some mild way for three years — all traits that B-schools admire as the most desirable in the whole wide world.

Military career is good proxy for that, but you never know. The crap you need to eat there is a bit different, and some successful military types just gag in the private sector.
Your decision after three years of banking to return to military might be a head scratcher. Seriously. That’s why you need to really explain that and convince them you are now ready to settle down.

The schools you are focusing on–Vanderbilt, Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern either full- time or part-time MBA–are not ultra selective and usually veteran friendly. Just get your story real clear. What do you want to do post MBA? That is a critical part of this story and you need an answer that binds all this up.

The 740 GMAT is deeply comforting to schools in this context of unusual career moves and unclear goals. My guess is, you can walk into any part-time program with that 740 and a tuition check, and I think your chances are real solid at target schools if you can clarify this story.


Ms. Google

  • 760 GMAT
  • 3.85 GPA
  • Undergraduate degree in computer science and philosophy from No. 1 ranked university in Israel
  • Work experience includes two and one-half years as a software engineer at Google after a two-year term in the Israeli Airfare as a flight coordinator
  • Goals: Entrepreneurship in the e-commerce spectrum, providing software optimization for small-to-medium size brick & mortar retailers
  • 26-year-old female Israeli

Odds of Success:

Harvard: 40% to 50%
Stanford: 30% to 40%
INSEAD: 50%+

Sandy’s Analysis: There’s lots to like in your profile, including your gig with Google and your time in the military as a woman, whether it was required or not. Your stats are in nosebleed territory from the 760 GMAT which puts you in the 99th percentile of testers to the 3.85 grade point average in a dual major. That means only 1% of the people who sit for the GMAT did better than you.

So with proper execution, you stand a good chance at Harvard Business School. You can never be sure about Stanford, mainly because they admit a much smaller class and the acceptance rate at the school is just 6.1% compared to Harvard’s 10.7%. One key question is, Do you know size of Israeli cohort there? It would not surprise me if it is smaller than you might expect, but hard to prove any bias unless it is sorta zero. At HBS, the Israeli cohort kicks in from three to eight or so each year.

At INSEAD, you should be a walk in. They have a much higher acceptance rate, in the low 30s, and would love to have someone with your stats and profile.

One important suggestion for you regards your career goals. Saying that you want to do “entrepreneurship in the e-commerce spectrum, providing software optimization for small-to-medium size brick & mortar retailers is way too wonky and over specific. Clean it up. Just say you are interested in e-commerce and e-commerce tech and analytics which could mean having a career in one of three areas.

Otherwise, you’re in great shape with that 760 GMAT and a 3.85 from the best university in Israel.







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